PI: Personal profit, or final product use?

For some reason since I first heard the idea of PI my first and only thoughts on it were: “Oh good! I can make some good products to use and give to the alliance”! The thought of producing T1-T4 products with the intent to sell never even occured to me. Whenever I think about mining, T2 industry, or what I find to be the scariest thought: T3 production: I have NEVER thought about making or using the materials for the end product, it was purely to sell the parts. Mining it seems you need lots and lots to make anything bigger than a BC, not to meantion mods, plus expensive bpo’s, t2 needs pos, t3 is complicated… But for some reason, perhaps the sheer easyness or lack of complication I immediately went into producing end products producing T3 and T4 PI products. To use the ones I make, and ones I don’t use to pass onto corpmates. However, while on my way back to highsec I scanned the market for some of the goods I am now producing hundreds of per cycle… WOW! Some are selling for 250, most are selling for 450 and 500. Others are selling for 1k that are on my planets. I’m making enough of most to fill up my launchpad in less than a day, that’s 10,000m3. X’6 planets. For now it’s all immediately consumed by 8 adv processors, around 16 basic ones or so (rough numbers). After seeing the numbers on buy orders, I’m debating on making some of this stuff to pull away from the processors before they’re consumed, and simply sell it to make some good, passive isk.

So: what’s your mindset as a PI industrialist? Do you mine for cash, or end product? From highsec or nullsec, wormhole or somewhere inbeteween? I myself began doing it in nullsec.


~ by katsumi1980 on June 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “PI: Personal profit, or final product use?”

  1. So far, hi-sec (which i don’t see changing) and P2 level product, for selling on (or, in one instance, as an RP item).

    On the other hand, there is talk that all the worthwhile products (the ones needed for T2 and POS ops) have already been stockpiled from NPCs at pre-PI prices, and that it will therefore take months/years before a true market develops in them.

    Shall see.

    • Damn. Ya I had a feeling some things will take a while to stabalize. But a lot of the basic items (t1 and 2) are selling at extremely high prices. I checked the market for aqua-liquides, bacteria, and several others and there were buy orders from 400-500, and even 1k within several jumps towards amarr. Many of our Corp are currently exploiting this mining masses of them and flying tem to highsec.

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